Date:                 September 20th, 2022
Time:                 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Cost:                  No Direct Cost
Course Type:    Virtual Learning

Within this workshop Human Resource Directors will conduct a series of different assessments focused on their organizations mission, culture, and overall strategies in preparation for the vital work that will be done when creating their organizations Strategic Workforce Plans.


This session will best support CHCs in the beginning phases of developing a strategic workforce plan for their organization by pooling together all the important information which will factor into their end goals, strategies, and approaches to reach these goals.



By the end of the training session attendees will:
• Be able to utilize and complete the ACU Retention & Recruitment Self-Assessment Tool in their own time
• Understand the purpose of the Strategic Thinking Questions and how to apply it within their organizations
• Be able to fill out the Patient Experience Review and understand its purpose
• Understand the Current/Ideal Workforce Matrix and be able to create a matrix on their own that is unique to their organization


Who should attend:

Human Resource Directors at Community Health Centers and other employees of Community Health Centers supporting Workforce Development

This event has already taken place.

To view the recording for this event, click here.