Ryan White Program
Through support from HRSA’s Ryan White program, CHCACT works with seven health centers in CT to help them provide health and support services to people living with and/or impacted by HIV or AIDS. These services include medical case management, treatment adherence, and HIV counseling and testing.

The nine health centers are:
Charter Oak Health Center
Community Health Services
Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center
Generations Family Health Center
Optimus Health Care
Southwest Community Health Center
StayWell Health Center

FOCUS Program 
CHCACT, through the support of the Gilead Foundation, works to improve the rate of Hepatatis C and HIV testing in health centers across the state.

The goals of the FOCUS program are:
– universal Hepatitis C screening for people born between 1945 and 1965, as well as those with risk factors such as injection drug use; and,
– universal HIV screening for those who fall in the CDC testing guidelines, including all people between the ages of 13-64 and those with risk factors, such as injection drug use and men who have sex with men.

The participating health centers are:
Charter Oak Health Center
Fair Haven Community Health Care
StayWell Health Center

For more information, please contact Russ Dexter.