CHCACT’s goal is that patients at Connecticut health centers receive the very best health care!

To that end, CHCACT has a variety of programs that focus on improving clinical quality and health outcomes at health centers, such as the Clinical Quality Committee, PTN and HCCN.

Clinical Quality Committee:

The Clinical Quality Committee comprises health care leaders at Connecticut’s health centers, who share best practices, knowledge and expertise at face-to-face and virtual meetings several times each year. Invited speakers present information on health care and health care policy, including diabetes prevention, pain management, health care for the homeless and payment reform. 

Practice Transformation Network (PTN):

The Practice Transformation Network (PTN), funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation, brings expert knowledge to health centers, to help them develop team-based workflows, towards efficiency and better patient health. 


The goal of the Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN), funded by HRSA, is to help health centers use technology and data to improve the quality of care they provide and improve health outcomes. PCMH:
Patient-Centered Medical Home (sometimes “Person-Centered Medical Home”) is a model of care that puts patients at the center of their care. Research shows that PCMH-accredited practices improve quality and the patient experience, while increasing staff satisfaction and reducing overall health care costs. Health care practices can be accredited as PCMH by NCQA, the Joint Commission, or both organizations. 94% of Connecticut health centers are PCMH-accredited!

For more information on CHCACT’s Clinical Quality Improvement programs, contact Russ Dexter.