This is a list of links and other tools for the PNs’ reference. Much of this information is helpful to PNs in providing information for patients’ use. Some of these can be downloaded to view as .pdf or Word files, others can simply be opened in the browser window.


Colorectal Cancer Resources

Colorectal Cancer Screening Fact Sheet (.pdf, 150kb)
National Cancer Institute’s fact sheet regarding colorectal cancer and the screening process.

Screening Locations Flyer (.pdf, 169kb)
Cancer screening information and locations for patients.

CT DPH Screening Provider List (.pdf, 67kb)
List of CT hospitals participating in the cancer screening program.

Participating Providers List (.doc, 36kb)
List of participating providers, physicians, locations, and contact information.

Accessing Colorectal Cancer Screenings (.doc, 30kb)
Explanation of how to access colorectal cancer screenings, depending on the patient’s insurance.

What You Can Do (link)
Think there’s nothing you can do to help fight cancer in one minute? Watch this video to learn more about how to help fight colon cancer.

Action Plan (.pdf)
How to Increase Preventive Screening Rates in Practice: An Action Plan for Implementing a Primary Care Clinician’s Evidence-Based Toolbox and Guide

Colorectal Cancer Screening Toolkit for Community Health Centers (.pdf)
Options for increasing colorectal cancer screening rates.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Toolbox (.pdf)
How to increase Colorectal Cancer Screening rates in practice: A primary care clinician’s evidence-based toolbox and guide, 2008.

Evaluation 101 Toolkit (link)
This new Evaluation 101 Toolkit is designed specifically for those who are interested in evaluating their efforts to increase the demand for colorectal cancer screening in their community.


Breast & Cervical Cancer Resources

Study: Black Breast Cancer Patients May Have Higher Death Risk in First 3 Years (link)
Study found biggest gap between black, white women with specific tumor type.

Study: Breast Cancer Survival Varies by Race, Ethnicity, Study Shows (link)
Some, but not all, differences persist after taking socioeconomic status into account.

Breast Health Patient Navigator Resource Kit (.pdf)
Complete patient navigator resource kit for breast cancer patient navigators.


General Resources

Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute(link)
This site is a resource to learn more about the Freeman Institute and its PN model.

A Patient Navigation Manual for Latino Audiences: The Redes En Acción Experience (.pdf)
This patient navigation manual outlines the step-by-step approach and resources to help providers and groups learn about and consider adding navigators. Learn more at this site.

Patient Navigation in Cancer Care (link)
Research, announcements, best practices and more regarding cancer patient navigation.

Contact CHCACT (link)
Contact Malone Smith at for more information

Burden of Cancer (link)
From the Connecticut Cancer Partnership


Videos & Tutorials

These are tools provided by CHCACT and our partners to act as resources for PNs and organizations.

CancerSPACE (link)

  • A unique tool developed by the National Cancer Institute, CancerSPACE creates a virtual world in which PNs must make decisions and provide solutions based on evidence. PNs should play through the CancerSPACE demo to gain skills and knowledge about best practices and achieving higher screening rates.

Champion PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt, 2331kb)

  • An in-depth PowerPoint presentation about the history of patient navigation, an overview of how patient navigation works, and other important information. This file also features extensive explanations of each slide. Can be used as a tool both for PNs and for organizations considering adding a patient navigation program.

Colonoscopy for Dummies

  • Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and the Colon Cancer Alliance Announce Colonoscopy For Dummies® Is Now Available For Free Download.
  • Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., in partnership with the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA), is proud to announce the availability of Colonoscopy For Dummies®. Colonoscopy For Dummies is a free, easy-to-read resource to help educate the public about what to expect when preparing for and undergoing a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy For Dummies is designed to help clarify common misconceptions about colonoscopies. Salix is offering this new easy-to-read resource for FREE. Download your copy at For more information, please read the Colonoscopy for Dummies Press Release.

My Quiz Show

  • So You Think You Know Minority Health?
  • Check out this interactive self-assessment to learn more about minority health and health disparities.


Get Screened for Colorectal Cancer

Source: Center for Communication and Medicine, Northwestern University, 2006


Breast Cancer Resources
Se Valiente … Son Tus Senos:  Be Brave, They Are Your Breasts:

Tells the story of Ivette, a Latina woman who faces her fears about breast cancer and becomes empowered to care for her health.