Job Description

Systems Support Specialist

InterCommunity needs to maintain its computers, software, printers and MDM the data located on our networks. To this end it is the responsibility of the System support Specialist to ensure the smooth operation of InterCommunity’s workstations, mobile devices and software. The systems specialist will maintain the above components in compliance with HIPAA and oversight agencies* regulations/compliance while deploying /revoking new hardware, software and users across the network as well as administrating O365, Active Directory and offering tier 1 support in our EMR Epic.

  • Travel between multiple sites, in the Hartford/East Hartford area averaging one location per day to facilitate local in-house support as part of an overall IT Team.
  • Maintain, support and deploy/retire computers, users and MDM components in accordance with Intercommunity’s policies and procedures.
  • Maintain, support and deploy/retire software applications (OS, AV, and Office Suites) in accordance with Intercommunity’s policies and procedures.
  • Provide assistance to end users for a variety of computer, software, printer and network related tasks
  • Provide basic EMR support for EPIC, Act as a liaison to the EMR specialist for more difficult issues.
  • Offer assistance to the IT team as needed.
  • Maintain software licensing of Intercommunity’s systems to ensure software compliancy of systems.
  • Maintain system documentation of system’s configuration (Networking components, AV configurations)
  • Offer suggestions on improving Intercommunity’s systems/locations/hardware components and upgrades, offer guidance on policies and procedures pertinent to the systems specialists.
  • Develop and analyze system images for reliability and speed of deployment.
  • Provide technical expertise for performance and configuration of systems, software active directory and O365.
  • Schedule and provide maintenance of systems while conscious of SLA’s for InterCommunity’s staff to reduce outages as approved by direct supervisor.
  • Occasional off hour work is required for this position.
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Director of IT.

*All agency staff are required to attend all mandatory department/agency meetings and trainings*

Job Requirements

  • Initiative
  • Time Management
  • Decision Making
  • Customer Service
  • Multitasking
  • Communication Proficiency (Verbal & Written)
  • Technology & Computer Literacy (Microsoft Word, Keyboarding)
  • Organizational Skills.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 2+ years of IT systems administration experience. A+, Net+

How to Apply

Interested candidates may apply here

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