Job Description

Director of Pediatrics


The Director of Pediatrics is responsible for supporting the Chief of Medicine in improving quality and operational efficiencies for the pediatrics department. This includes support in recruiting, retaining, organizing, and managing the pediatric department and their practitioners. This includes providing clinical oversight and guidance, as necessary to ensure that consistently high quality care is provided to all CS-HHC patients. The Director of Pediatrics must be committed to the concept of community health care, must enable and encourage
the interdisciplinary and integrated care team concept as an integral element of the provision of high quality, responsive community health services. The Pediatric Director must be prepared to mentor providers to impart knowledge that enables efficient care delivery that is clinically competent and culturally sensitive and customer service oriented. The Pediatric Director will assist the Chief of Medicine in setting and attaining care protocols and goals that promote clinical excellence and productivity in ways that are responsive to and respectful of patient and provider needs as well as those of other staff.

The Director of Pediatrics will function as an integral member of CS-HHC’s medical leadership team and will conduct himself/herself accordingly at all times. Thus, he/she will demonstrate a keen understanding of the health care industry in general and specifically of federally qualified health center operations. The Director of Pediatrics will assist the Chief of Medicine in the accumulation and organization of health statistics needed for internal and external reporting purposes and will, at the request of the Chief, serve as a clinical liaison with all applicable regulatory agencies, accreditation bodies and professional associations. The Director of Pediatrics will serve as one of the health center’s clinical leaders for quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Functions as a member of CS-HHC’s medical leadership team including attendance at meetings specified by the Chief of Medicine.
  • Provides clinical services to CS-HHC patients during times allocated for this purpose.
  • Serves as a provider advocate and super user of CS-HHC’s electronic health record system.
  • Provides clinical leadership and structure necessary to maintain organizational accreditations (e.g., Joint Commission, National Council on Quality Assurance) as specified by the Chief of Medicine.
  • Develops and implements the Health Care and Quality Assurance/Improvement Plans for the Pediatrics department.
  • Works to promote integration of clinical services with other disciplines, including behavioral health and dental.
  • Collaborates with the Human Resources Department to identify, and recruit provider candidates and to secure in a timely manner all documentation needed to grant medical staff privileges.
  • Makes recommendations and takes initiative to improve provider retention and satisfaction.
  • Coordinates provider work schedules to maximize coverage and ensure patient access to care.
  • Approves in-service and continuing education and professional development of medical provider staff so that they maintain technical and cultural competence.
  • Mentors, supervises and evaluates providers and other assigned staff in the performance of their required duties.
  • Provides appropriate feedback and conducts timely and accurate performance reviews as directed by the Chief of Medicine.
  • Monitors the performance and productivity of medical providers to ensure that they meet organizational standards and intervenes timely when such standards are not met.
  • Assures provider representation and participation in Center activities as directed by the Chief of Medicine, such as provider meetings, Management Staff meetings, Quality Assurance/Improvement Committee, Health Records and Audit Committees, and any other necessary activities as requested.
  • Ensures provider compliance with policies, procedures, bylaws, regulatory requirements, and best practice guidelines.
  • Participates in setting staff performance standards. Monitors, assesses, reviews and evaluates staff performance based on the established standards.
  • Under the guidance of the Chief of Medicine, develops and maintains relations with the clinical leaders of other provider organizations (e.g., Yale New Haven Hospital, Griffin Hospital, Connecticut Mental Health Center, etc.).
  • At the direction of the Chief of Medicine, represents the health center in discussions with community stakeholders that impact pediatric care to underserved populations.
  • Assists the Chief of Medicine in overseeing any medical student, PA/APRN student, resident, or fellow teaching programs at the health center related to Pediatrics.
  • Participates in internal planning processes to expand health care services and operations.
  • Takes initiative to identify, conceive, implement, evaluate and refine new methods of health care delivery in the department of Pediatrics, especially wellness/preventative medicine initiatives that will impact the organization and community.
  • Performs all other duties as required.


Education: Medical Degree from an accredited school along with: board certification/eligibility in a primary care discipline (e.g., Pediatrics, Family Practice, and Medicine/Pediatrics), valid unrestricted state license, valid unrestricted DEA certification, familiarity with managed care protocols, PCMH requirements, and electronic medical record.

Experience: Ambulatory care experience, supervisory experience and administrative experience is highly desirable. As this position integrates all facets of the health organization, demonstration of the ability to collaborate with all disciplines is mandatory. Candidate will demonstrate ability to supplement his/her knowledge regarding any Joint Commission, federal, state, or city guidelines regarding any area outside his/her field of practice.

Knowledge/Abilities: Must be dedicated to the provision of high quality services to the community served by CS-HHC. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Demonstrated skills in cultural competence, clinical and medical/legal aspects of program development and management in a managed care environment, provider management, provider motivation/retention in an environment of limited resources, governmental relations and community coordination in a large ambulatory setting. Ability to efficiently and effectively manage multiple administrative and clinical tasks. Demonstrated skill and ability to work with budgets. Ability to maintain quality safety and infection control standards.

CS-HHC is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

How to Apply

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