Job Description

Dental Hygienist – Full Time

Candidate must speak Spanish and be certified in local anesthesia

Duties include:

-patient screening: review of medical history, intraoral and extraoral exams, assessment of oral health conditions, dental and periodontal charting, taking of blood pressure

-taking radiographs/x-rays

-removing plaque and calculus from teeth using both hand scaling and cavitron

-polishing of teeth

-applying preventive materials to teeth (sealants and fluorides)

-administering local anesthesia when dentist is present

-teaching patients oral hygiene and nutritional strategies to maintain good oral health

-demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques

-making appropriate referrals when needed

-performing proper documentation in EMR

-thorough breakdown and cleaning of operatory in between patients and at end of the day

-proper sterilization of instruments

How to Apply

Norwalk Community Health Center Norwalk