Job Description

Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner – Psychiatry

Collaborating with staff, the Psychiatric APRN applies the nursing process to assess, diagnose, and treat individuals or families with psychiatric disorders and identify risk factors for such disorders, using the full scope of therapeutic skills, including the prescription of medication and administration of psychotherapy.  The Practitioner will be knowledgeable about agency and clinical policies, keep all patient information confidential, and shall assume responsibility for the development and realization of an individual ongoing care plan for all patients.


Duties and Responsibilities


Diagnose patient conditions and provides appropriate treatment recommendations.  Ability to provide a range of therapies in patient care. Interview patients about symptoms and complaints and determine whether a psychiatric disorder has a physiological or emotional basis.  Assess risk factors for mental illness and broader wellness evaluations. Instructs and counsels patients regarding compliance with prescribed therapeutic regimens, develops and implements patient management plans, records progress notes, and assists in provision of continuity of care.   Gain competence in Electronic Medical Record System.  Billing submission at time of office visit.


  1. Collaborative Practice Agreement with the MD/DO’s at the Center, as appropriate.
  2. Apply the nursing process to assess, diagnose, and treat individuals or families with psychiatric disorders and identify risk factors for such disorders.
  3. Collaborate with Center staff to provide effective, integrated health care.
  4. Work with individuals, families, groups, and communities, assessing their mental health needs.
  5. Develop a comprehensive diagnosis and plan of care
  6. Track patient progress
  7. Work with other medical professionals to evaluate or change treatment plans
  8. Evaluate outcomes
  9. Educate families about mental illness, treatment and prevention
  10. For patients on medications, monitor use and document treatment results.
  11. Provide treatment according to accepted agency standards and protocols.
  12. Assist in the management of referred and/or complex problems with other members of the agency and community health nurses, mental health workers, social workers, and other community resources.
  13. Work in a collaborative and appropriate manner with other agency providers, clinical support staff, and administrative personnel.
  14. Recognize and utilize opportunities for health education for patients and families.
  15. Enter all patient visit information into Electronic Medical Record at time of visit.
  16. Act in accordance with standing agency contractual agreements with health maintenance organizations, insurance plans, and other managed care organizations.
  17. Understand and agree that s/he is responsible for participation as appropriate in the Center’s risk management, quality assurance, performance improvement, and compliance programs and related management plans.
  18. Works jointly, as requested, with the Chief Executive Officer and/or Chief Medical Officer in areas of utilization management, data retrieval, and the establishment and/or revision of clinical policies and protocols.
  19. Maintains ongoing education through completion of required continuing medical education credits.
  20. Demonstrates knowledge and application of principles of fire safety, infection control, hazardous communication program, universal precautions and general safety.
  21. Maintains target productivity standards as established by Center as influenced by infringing factors of access, practice load and complexity of problems seen.
  22. Works in coordination with other community agencies and providers to integrate patient objectives and strategies.
  23. Work with Board of Directors, Management and other providers on grants for funding.
  24. Reports any discrepancies, irregularities and/or violations involving clinical care, administrative procedure, billing issues or other Health Center protocols to their immediate supervisor and/or the Chief Medical Officer.
  25. Complies with all infection control policies and procedures outlined by the organization in accordance with professional, state, and federal guidelines.
  26. Other appropriate duties as assigned.





  • Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and resilience in response to changing clinical or administrative environments.



  • Ability to function in a calm manner during stressful and emergency situations.
  • Possess the ability to establish and maintain collegial relationships with coworkers.



  • Effective communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Listening skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Computer skills (Microsoft office suite)
  • Flexibility



  • Masters in Nursing
  • Completion of Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner program/accredited institution Education focused on psychiatric care
  • Connecticut Department of Health License
  • Federal and State Controlled Substance Licenses
  • State Narcotic Registration (CTPMP)
  • MAT Medication-Assisted Treatment) for Substance Use Disorders certified or willingness to certify as part of orientation.
  • BLS Certification

How to Apply

please send resume to


First Choice Health Centers East Hartford