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Here is a sampling of health policy news from around the state from the past month. If you see something in your local newspaper that you would like featured here in future weeks, please contact Deb Polun at

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2.18.19 CT MirrorAnother Path to Primary Health Care
2.18.19 CT Health Policy Project BlogSeven Years Later, Connecticut Medicaid Still Saving Taxpayers Money
2.17.19 Hartford CourantOp-Ed – Why HPV Should be an Opt-Out Vaccine
2.13.19 CT ViewpointsA Call to Arms – CT Needs More Primary Care
2.13.19 Hartford Business JournalReport – CT Health Care Spending Above Average
2.13.19 Hartford CourantVaping the Cause of Drastic Increases in Teen Tobacco Use, CDC Finds
2.7.19 CT MirrorLawmakers Seek to Curb Youth Access to e-Cigarettes, Tobacco
2.7.19 CT NewsJunkieCritics Pan Bill to Change Signer of Vaccine Exemption Form
2.7.19 Hartford CourantUConn Health Finds No Suitable Proposals After Search for Public-Private Partnership
2.4.19 CT NewsJunkieTwo Bills Push for Opioid Treatment After Narcan
2.4.19 CT MirrorHospital Tax Poses Huge Challenge for First Lamont Budget
2.4.19 Hartford CourantYale New Haven Hospital Confirms Two Cases of Measles
2.1.19 Hartford Business JournalPartnership Pitches Leave UConn Health Wanting
1.30.19 CT NewsJunkieTobacco Control Report Calls on Lawmakers to Raise the Age
1.29.19 CT By the NumbersLibraries Join Response to CT’s Opioid Crisis, Stand Ready to Save Lives
1.29.19 WNPRThe Opioid Crisis And The Other Side: Group Calls For Better Access To Medication
1.27.19 New Haven RegisterAdvocates – Uber Won’t Work to Get Disabled to New Haven Health Clinic
1.25.19 CT NewsJunkieSocial Services Commissioner Expected to Move On
1.25.19 CT MirrorNew State Data: HIV Diagnoses Up in 2017
1.16.19 Hartford Business JournalReport – CT Hospitals, Health Systems Generate $27B for Economy
1.16.19 Hartford Business JournalCHC, Inc Debuts Individual Consulting Program in Meriden
1.14.19 UConn TodayHealth Disparities Damage Men and Boys of Color and CT’s Economy

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