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Here is a sampling of health policy news from around the state from the past month. If you see something in your local newspaper that you would like featured here in future weeks, please contact Deb Polun at

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1.16.19 Hartford Business JournalReport – CT Hospitals, Health Systems Generate $27B for Economy
1.16.19 Hartford Business JournalCHC, Inc Debuts Individual Consulting Program in Meriden
1.14.19 UConn TodayHealth Disparities Damage Men and Boys of Color and CT’s Economy
1.10.19 CT MirrorState Sued Over Failure to Provide Adequate Medicaid Transportation
1.9.19 Register CitizenTorrington Hospital’s Walk-in Clinic Closing; GoHealth Urgent Care Opens Monday
1.8.19 CT MirrorUnpredictable Events and Outside Trends Shaped Malloy’s Health Care Policy
1.7.19 Hartford Business JournalOp-Ed: CT Can Be a US Leader in Curbing Health Care Costs
1.4.19 CT Health Policy Project BlogWeak Answers to State’s Second Set of Questions About YNHH Primary Care Plan
1.3.19 CT NewsJunkieAnalysis – Public Health Has a Free Rider Problem
1.2.19 CT MirrorDiscrimination Questions Add New Depth to Wellbeing Survey
12.27.18 Hartford CourantLawmakers Eye Anti-Vaping Measures, Like Flavor Ban, e-Cigarette Tax
12.26.18 Hartford Business JournalMalloy Touts Health Care Successes
12.21.18 Fairfield County Business JournalCT DPH Aims to Cut HIV to Zero
12.21.18 Hartford CourantLamont Transition Advisors Unveil Agenda During Series of Meetings
12.21.18 CT MirrorCT Faces Long Crawl Out of Wealth Extremes, Crushing Debt
12.21.18 CT Health Policy Project BlogNew Data Mapping Tool Gives Changes in Uninsured Rates by CT Town
12.21.18 CT Health Policy Project BlogPCMH+ Year One Performance and Savings Results
12.21.18 CT MirrorJepsen Sues Purdue, Saying It Reaped Profits By Fueling Opioid Addiction

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