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Events Calendar

NCQA’s Advanced PCMH Program: Mastering the Medical Home Transformation

James W. Hunt, Jr. Training & Learning Center 16 Brooks Street, Worcester

This ​advanced ​course ​is ​intended ​for ​individuals ​who ​have ​applied ​NCQA ​PCMH ​Recognition ​requirements ​in ​the ​practice ​setting. ​It ​examines ​the ​PCMH ​2017 ​standards ​and ​the ​redesigned ​assessment ​process. ​ What ​You ​Will ​Learn ​- ​At ​the ​conclusion ​of ​the ​program, ​participants ​will ​have ​the ​knowledge ​they ​need ​to: ​Discuss ​transfer ​credit ​and ​distinctions, ​explain ​how ​elective ​criteria ​build ​upon ​core ​criteria ​within ​a ​competency, ​examine ​opportunityed ​and ​approaches ​to ​continue ​to ​succeed ​in ​the ​PCMH ​model ​of ​care, ​determine ​a ​strategy ​for ​preparing ​a ​practice ​for ​the ​three ​(3) ​virtual ​check-ins ​and ​begin ​to ​create ​a ​transformation ​plan, ​describe ​the ​types ​of ​evidence ​a ​practice ​can ​provide ​to ​meet ​the ​intent ​of ​a ​criterion, ​competency ​and ​concept. ​


Cultural Humility Training

Pequot Library 720 Pequot Avenue, Southport

CHCACT is partnering with Health Equity Solutions to provide a Cultural Humility training to expand awareness on cultural disparities to increase patient engagement in their care and improve health outcomes. […]