CHCACT facilitates training/technical assistance for FQHCs and participates in emergency preparedness initiatives on the local, state and regional level through funding from HRSA. These programs include:

Community Health Emergency Response Network (CHERN) Workgroup:

The CHERN Workgroup consists of individuals from FQHCs across Connecticut. The workgroup meets quarterly to discuss training and technical assistance opportunities, to share best practices, and to maintain awareness of emergency preparedness activities throughout the state. The CHERN group also works together to maintain situational awareness and coordinate response efforts during times of emergency.

Infection Control Information Sharing Group:

CHCACT maintains contact with Infection Control staff at all FQHCs in the state and utilizes this group to share best practices and inform FQHC staff of upcoming trainings and events. The group is also used to allow FQHC staff to communicate directly with each other on an ongoing basis to address questions and concerns that may come up regarding infection control practices.

Regional Health Care Coalitions:

Each month, CHCACT attends Regional Health Care Coalition meetings throughout the state with various public health organizations, such as hospitals, FQHCs, local health departments and long-term care providers. These meetings allow organizations involved in public health emergency preparedness and response to coordinate trainings, exercises, plans, and resources. The Coalitions also share best practices and utilize online platforms to communicate with each other during emergency planning and response.

Primary Care Association (PCA) Emergency Management Advisory Coalition (EMAC):

CHCACT participates in a monthly call with other PCAs from across the country. The PCA EMAC serves as a workgroup, allowing emergency preparedness staff from PCAs to share information and best practices with each other. For more information about the PCA EMAC, check out NACHC’s emergency management webpage.

For more information about CHCACT’s emergency preparedness programs, contact Meghan Peck.