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CHCACT Staff Members

Ken Lalime, CEO of CHCACT

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Quality Officer

Robert Rioux, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Director of Training & Education

Senior Program Manager

Christina Del Vecchio

Program Manager

Bruce Gould, MD
Medical Director

Director of Practice Transformation

Stacey Kamienski
Operations Manager

Holly Kidney
Executive Assistant

STICH AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

Manager, Government Relations and Public Policy

Maria Marrocco
Vice President of Finance

Michael McLean, IT Specialist

Michael McLean
IT Specialist

Marlene Moranino
Senior Director of Clinical Programs

Kamrun Nahar
Budget and Finance Manager

Meghan Peck
Operations Specialist

Christine Pellot
Accounts Specialist

Shaquille Pigatt
Clinical Program Coordinator

Colleen Rankine
Quality Improvement Advisor

STICH AmeriCorps Program Manager

Natalie Thomas, IT Data Analyst

IT Data Analyst