Husky Eligibility Manual:
  • CT Voices Husky Manual: This comprehensive guide from CT Voices covers eligibility and enrollment for Husky A, Husky B (CHIP), and Husky D. It was put together by CT Voices with input from AHCT and DSS. Be sure to check it out
Outreach Resources
  • Medicaid & Marketplace Outreach & Enrollment Options for States: A report on challenges and promising strategies by the National Conference of State Legislatures.
  • 3.12.14 Helping Consumers Keep Coverage: A useful guide from Enroll America with tips and information about helping consumers stay enrolled in their insurance
  • 2014 Husky Income Guidelines: They’re new! They’re slightly higher, and went into effect 3/1/2014
  • 1.27.14 CPCA Outreah Strategies: A guide from California’s health centers with four innovative strategies they’ve been using for Affordable Care Act Outreach including with strategies, benefits, and lessons learned. The document focuses on four areas: using billing staff, outreach to children through schools, social media outreach, and community-based outreach.
  • Outreach 101: A short guide to outreach from Enroll America
  • Outreach Planning 2.0: A more in-depth guide and checklist for planning outreach from Enroll America
  • Homeless Outreach: Resources focused on the effects the Affordable Care Act will have on the homeless. Includes information on how the ACA and the Medicaid expansion especially will aid the homeless, and also a helpful guide on how best to engage in outreach to homeless populations.
  • How Schools can Promote New Health Opportunities: A resource for FQHCs with school based health centers and all FQHCs that do outreach to schools. It lists ten ways that schools, including administrators, teachers, and health workers, can help promote better health through the Affordable Care Act.
  • Click here for a presentation on health insurance literacy given by Vicki Veltri of the State Healthcare Advocate
Education Resources
Enrollment Resources (including MAGI resources!)
  • What do I need to enroll?: A helpful checklist of the documents and information consumers need to enroll in health insurance! (Don’t forget to put your health center’s logo at the top!)
  • Assisting 101: A quick start-up guide from Enroll America about assisting consumers that includes best practices and other useful ideas!
  • Medicaid MAGI Household Guide: A useful one page guide outlining the process for determining an individual’s Medicaid MAGI household
  • Advocate’s Guide to MAGI: National Health Law Program’s very in-depth and very detailed (and slightly terrifying) guide to MAGI eligibility
Useful Federal Resources
  • VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance: free tax assistance is available from January through April for families with incomes under $52,000. These IRS-certified volunteers are located throughout the state. More information about the program can be found here: and locations of VITA assistance can be found here: (appointments are usually required)
  • – Includes links some Q&As about health reform and enrolling in health insurance!
  • Health Resources and Services Administration
  • Bureau of Primary Health Care
  • HRSA’s outreach and enrollment resource page – filled with useful links and resources including: Webinars and Q&As on the Quarterly Progress Reports your FQHC must submit for their HRSA grant, along with slides from previous technical assistance calls, and FAQs for Health Center workers!
  • BPHC Guide on Dealing with High Demand: A guide from the Bureau of Primary Health Care that discusses some tips contributed by other health centers about ways they are dealing with the spike in demand as the January 1st coverage deadline approaches
  • HRSA Q&A on Supplemental Funding: A HRSA Q&A that discusses some of the features and requirements of the HRSA supplemental funding, but one of the most valuable sections is their discussion of the future of the sliding fee scale (scroll down to question 22)
  • Sample QPR – A sample quarterly reporting form that each FQHC must fill out every quarter for their HRSA grant, don’t forget to check out the Q&A and Guidelines at the HRSA outreach and enrollment page!: (insert file titles Sample QPR). And check out our Enrollment Q&A in the CHCACT Q&A section for answers about how to count for each category!
  • A federal government website with lots of publications for consumers and other resources, including if you scroll to the bottom, a link to many of those materials in Spanish and other languages!
  • Social Security Administration: Important Changes in Certain Services. This publication includes information about how to get replacement Social Security cards and benefit verification letters.
Fact Sheets for Consumers and Outreach Workers from the Federal Marketplace