The Cure for Connecticut's High Cost of Health CareWelcome to the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut!

Incorporated in 1989, the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut (CHCACT) is a not-for-profit service organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting the clinical and administrative operations of its member community health centers across Connecticut.

CHCACT exists to advance the common interests of Connecticut’s federally qualified health centers in providing quality health care.

CHCACT plays an active role in health policy discussions by participating on key advisory councils. We provide on-going information on community health center programs and clinical performance to Connecticut’s decision-makers, elected officials, and residents.

What We Do

CHCACT plays an active role in health policy discussions by participating on key advisory councils. We work closely with policymakers, elected officials and residents to ensure the delivery of high quality health services and social programs available through Connecticut’s community health centers (also called Federally-Qualified Health Centers, or “FQHCs”).

We also provide training and other resources to each center, such as preparing for natural and other emergencies, sharing best practices, and up-to-date information on state and federal policy changes.

All of CHCACT’s 16 member centers operate multiple locations, ensuring that health care services are available in both urban and rural areas throughout the state. Find a health center near you.

Our centers serve one of every ten Connecticut residents, providing over a million medical, dental and behavioral health visits each year by people from all over Connecticut. Community health centers provide easily accessible and affordable health care and its providers offer comprehensive, family-oriented, skilled medical, dental and social services to the people who need them.

Every day community health centers throughout Connecticut act as first responders to prevent and address medical and social issues before they reach an acute or chronic level. State funding and private donations are critical to ensuring that Connecticut’s community health centers remain viable and accessible to all those who need them.

With community health centers on the cutting edge of medical technology, more Connecticut residents than ever before will be turning to community health centers to meet their family’s medical, dental and social service needs.

CHCACT offers three primary areas of services to health centers:


On behalf of its member health centers, CHCACT advocates for issues concerning the vitality of community health centers and their ability to serve underserved populations. These issues include providing health care to the uninsured, homeless and other vulnerable populations who do not have a medical home. CHCACT staff give testimony at legislative public hearings and are participating with state appointed task forces to contribute to Connecticut’s future health policy plans.

Program Administration

CHCACT is the recipient and administrator of state and federal grants that fund health programs and services at the health centers. These services include case management for children and families infected or affected with HIV/AIDS and patient eligibility assistance for state and federal programs.

Technical Assistance

CHCACT staff conduct needs assessments and offers technical assistance for all facets of community health center staff operations, both clinical and administrative. CHCACT provides clinical programming and CDE accredited provider training, Board of Directors development, Community Development and Emergency Preparedness training.